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A Local, Family Owned, Pest Control Company

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Our Most Popular Services

SmartGuard Plan

SmartGuard service plan protects your home from the creapy crawlies. 

RodentGuard Plan

RodentGuard Service plan is mean to help guard your home against rodents.

BiteGuard Service Plan

BiteGuard Service plan is mean to help guard your yard from those insects that bite you or your furry family members.

One-Time Services

Found a wasps nest you need removed? Want someone to come and inspect your home for potential issues? 

Pest Control Services

Serving Clients in Dakota, Rice and Scott Counties.

Green Ivy on Stone Wall

What Makes Us Different?

We use the Integrated Pest Management process so that we can minimalize the risk to people and the environment. What that means is we focus on long-term prevention by managing the ecosystem around your home.

Affordable &
Transparent Rates

With monthly rates you get year round protection for your home on a budget you can count on.

Qualified & Security -
Cleared Technicians

Our employees have been fully vetted. If we wouldn't trust an employee with our home, we won't trust them with yours.

Customer Support

We believe that our customers should be treated like family. We want you to feel like everyone at Nerdy Pest is looking out for you.

Suburb Houses

20+ Years
of Experience

Our employees have over 20 years of combined experience helping customers like you keep their homes safe from pests.

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